Java 11 Ubuntu setup Part 2

Quick addion of the things around Java 11 that is required to get your enviroment ready for development. See part one on the Java 11 installation first: Part 1

Deploy Solidity Contract

This tutorial will show you how to deploy a solidity contract to Ropsten (Test Net).

Truffle Expected Throw Test

When creating test cases to test your solidity code you will need to test conditions that causes throws. This will show you how to write those tests in javascript.

Eclipse Run Swarm

This will just quickly show you how to run a Wildfly Swarm application in Eclipse and also allow you to easily run the debugger.

Solidity Truffle Quickstart

This quick and dirty tutorial will show you how to create Ethereum Smart Contract project using truffle framework.

Email alerts on login

This quick tutorial will show you how to get email alerts when any user logs into your Linux box.

Singleton with arguments

Had a very unusual requirement where I needed to share singleton between projects that requires initialization arguments. These arguments are different based on what server it is started. In applications using CDI this was very easy but not all where using CDI and a lot of the projects where not under my control they where simply using the lib. Thread safty was also a concern and I wanted to avoid using synchronized. Here is the solution I came up with.

Into the Future Thread - Part 2

Continuing with execution flow of Futures and thread. See Part 1 if you have not. I would like to highlight when future.get() completes in different scenarios. Firstly I know it is not best practice to use Futures in this way but I think it is still important to understand how the internals work.